2018 Mid-Year Progress Report

     So far in 2018, the EMS Division has had a very productive year.  This includes improvements to the paid personnel program, enhancements to FireManager to increase functionality, and the addition of several pieces of new equipment.  The EMS Division is excited to share this information with all of our volunteer members and paid employees.  Because of the vital information contained in the topics below, all members (Fire and EMS) are required to view the New Equipment topic, and all EMS Providers (volunteer and paid) are required to review all three topics. 

     To review this important information, providers should click on each link below to review the material pertaining to that topic.  After successfully reviewing all three topics below, providers should click the link below the three topics to verify completion.

     Providers who have questions should email mburgan@lineborovfd.org.

Accomplishments, Reminders, and

Remaining Goals


Updates and

New Forms

New Equipment

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